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Move to Inspire dance Academy was established in 2016 by our director Aimee Di Gregorio.

MTI strives to create a warm and welcoming studio while also keeping a
 professional, yet fun environment that allows dancers from all walks of life to feel included and welcome.
rom our classes to our friendly staff, we believe that dance isn't just a fun activity but a way to inspire those around us.

MTI offers a variety of genres for ages 1 through to adults. Each of our classes are specifically catered for each individual enrolled ensuring that our dancers get the best out of every experience.

Move | Create | Inspire

Move To Inspire strives to achieve the following values inside and outside the studio.

To MOVE our bodies
in a creative, free & safe environment.

To CREATE Family.
to accept you for who you are and help find your unique passion in a comfortable and fun environment

To INSPIRE those around us.
Inspiring through our hearts, actions, movements.

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